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La Jolla Tronadora Prestige Homesites

The development of La Jolla de Tronadora is in the picturesque village of Tronadora which is evergreen; very clean and surrounded by evergreen  mountains and farms. The Lake Arenal is within walking distance of all points in Tronadora like shops, restaurants and more.

Tronadòra is home to a mix of Costa Rican and expat communities. The residential neighbourhoods are very beautiful  with well maintained lawns, well paved roads with blacktops, a village centèr with well maintained gardens, restaurants, a beautiful  large church, a supermarket, markets for meat and fresh vegetables, and schools.Tronadora has an year around temperate climate with a lot of rain fall. ìt has an abundant supply of inexpensive fresh water and electricity. Tronadòra is 12 km from the large town of Tilaran, which has everything one needs for a very high quality life. The road from Tilaran to Tronadora is well paved and maintained to international standards.

Project Lots

Lot 1 1425 m2 = ₡45,600,000 CRC

Lot 2 1198m2 = ₡38,500,000 CRC

Lot 3 1261 m2 = ₡40,500,000 CRC

Lot 4 1291 m2 
₡41,300,000 CRC

Lot 5 1243 m2 
₡39,800,000 CRC

Lot 6 1272 m2
₡51,700,000 CRC

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